Our Work

We’ve worked with a variety of organizations, including solopreneurs, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, tech companies, and more. 

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Illustration of branding assets

Visual Branding (e.g. logos)

Website icon

Websites + UX Design

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Videos + Motion Graphics

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Copy + Content Strategy

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Graphics + Imagery

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Music + Audio

Whether it’s creating new logos and branding material, telling stories through video, or using words to truly connect with people, she finds the best way to help you reach your goals. She is my go-to designer for my own projects and I strongly recommend her to others whenever possible. She listens to my needs, goals, and concerns, and then uses her own expertise to create results far beyond what I could even imagine.”

-Aardvark Girl, Business Coach & Production Manager

Featured Case Studies

We’ve worked with these organizations and small businesses extensively, assisting them with brand development & strategy, content creation, and content strategy. 

Nonprofit website screenshot

Nonprofit Organization

Brand development + strategy
Website development/UX strategy
Video production + photography
Social media strategy

Website Example


Brand development + strategy
Website development/UX strategy
Content strategy 
Podcast editing

Healthcare Organization

Rebrand + graphic design
Website development
Video production + photography
Copywriting + social media strategy

Logos & Visual Branding

CCDD logo
Womenpreneur logo
construction logo
Womenpreneur logo
aardvark girl logo

Websites + UX Design 

Computer showing website example

Solopreneur Website

UX + content strategy
Development + design
Visual branding

Aerospace Industry Website

UX + content strategy
Development + design

Nonprofit website screenshot

Nonprofit Website

UX + content strategy
Development + design
Photography + icon creation
Site management

Nonprofit website screenshot

Healthcare Website

UX + content strategy

Videos & Motion Graphics

Animated Educational Video (Nonprofit)

Provided creative direction, script, voiceover, and illustrated storyboard for English and Spanish versions of this educational video for Developmental Pathways, a large nonprofit in Colorado that serves individuals with developmental disabilities.

Life at Las Vegas Recovery Center

Provided created direction, script, voiceover, custom music, post production/editing for an addiction and chronic pain treatment center in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Inspiring Family Story

A family shares their experiences raising a son on the autism spectrum. Responsible for pre-production, filming, interviewing/direction, and post production.

What Is Early Intervention? (Nonprofit)

Responsible for filming, creative direction, script, voiceover talent sourcing, and illustrated storyboard for this informational video for a large nonprofit (English & Spanish). View Spanish version. 

Company Culture Video

Provided pre-production, script, creative direction, post production/editing for NMSC, a nonprofit in Colorado. This video appealed to potential candidates and inspired them to work for the company. 

Inspiring Staff Member Story (Spanish)

A staff member at Developmental Pathways shares what inspires her about her role working with families in the I/DD community. View English version. 

3 Adults in Our Neurodiverse Community

Edited these 3 inspiring stories together to show the diversity of our I/DD community and unite people around supporting neurodiversity. 

Inspiring Staff Member Story

A Community Outreach Coordinator with visible and invisible disabilities talks about her role in the neurodiverse community and how she helps families every day. 

Amazing Family Story

What was it like raising a child with a disability decades ago? Hear this mother’s incredible journey after her son was diagnosed with Smith-Magenis syndrome, a rare developmental disorder.  Responsible for pre-production, filming, interviewing/direction, and post production.

Program Navigator (Nonprofit)

Animated video that illustrates three programs at Developmental Pathways. Responsible for script, storyboarding, graphics, animation, post production, and voiceover. 

Chronic Pain Tips

A chiropractor gives tips on how to prevent chronic pain as you grow older. Responsible for pre production, filming, custom music, post production and editing. 

The Humane Society – Volunteer 

This video shows potential volunteers what volunteering at The Human Society – Pikes Peak is like and why it’s important. 

Copy & Content Strategy

social media icon

Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Led social media strategy for a large nonprofit client that increased followers by 157%, video views by 1265%, and engagement by 423%.


copywriting icon

Recruiting Articles for Start Up

Articles written for a tech start-up that developed an app for job seekers. A fun, humorous tone was taken about the job search. 

social media icon

Healthcare Social Media Strategy

Led social media strategy for a healthcare organization, increasing engagement by over 500% with video marketing campaigns 


copywriting icon

Website Content Strategy for Solopreneur

Content marketing and strategy assistance for solopreneur starting up a coaching business. 

In addition to over 10 years of copywriting and content strategy experience in a variety of industries, Tara Kelly, our Director of Storytelling and Strategy is a multi-published, award-winning author with Macmillan. 


Imagery & Graphics

Featured Work

Nonprofit website screenshot

Portraits and Marketing Images for Developmental Pathways


Camera Illustration T-shirt

Illustration + Slogan for Apparel

Music & Audio

We create custom background music and audio post production for videos and offer a wide range of podcast services, including editing, audio clean-up and mixing, intro and outro music, and more. We’ll be posting more examples soon!

Created soundtrack
Recorded audio
Audio clean-up and post production
Created soundtrack
Audio clean-up and post production
Audio recording
Audio clean-up and post production

In this example, we removed filler words and light editorial editing to tighten up the content.

In this example, we removed filler words, stutters, long gaps between words and light editorial editing to tighten up the content.

In this example we removed repeated words and shortened long gaps between words to tighten the content.

In this example, we were asked to try to remove the background sounds around the 2-3 second mark.  We couldn’t completely remove it, but could reduce it to the point of not being a distraction.