Brand Growth & Audits

For Established Brands Ready to Embrace Change

disrupter noun
dis·​rupt | dis-ˈrəpt
1. a business or leader that changes the way things are done

Is your brand not being perceived the way you’d hoped?

Decreasing revenue or donations, negative feedback, and not being able to retain good staff members are all symptoms of a larger problem. We want to help you identify the real problem so your brand can become what those you serve need it to be. We help purpose-driven leaders connect their brands and initiatives to the hearts and minds of those they serve. 

Everyone says they’re innovative or open to change. Be the one that walks the walk.

7 Reasons You Might Need a Brand Refresh

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  1. To help retain good employees and/or attract new talent
  2. To build a more inclusive, welcoming experience for your staff and those you serve
  3. To cut through the sea of content online and grow awareness
  4. To attract your ideal clients, customers, or donors
  5. To stand apart from your competition and re-assess where you can make the biggest impact in your industry
  6. To grow your revenue or fundraising dollars
  7. To make a real difference, not just talk about it

4 More Reasons...

Because sometimes change is the only way forward. We writers call it killing your darlings – separating what we love most, maybe even worked the hardest on, from what best serves the story.

Because you can’t be everything to everyone

Because growing and learning is forever

Because what you’ve created is bigger than you

It’s a good feeling see our organization in this new light. The way Tara was able to capture our mission was truly inspirational. We were very impressed with her professionalism, adaptability and expertise in taking our brand to this next level. We truly feel this is the right direction and Tara was the right fit for us. 

Liv B.

Board Member, CANDLE Inc

Our Brand Audit & Growth Process

We build your strategy and roadmap together through virtual conversations, insightful activities, focused research, and a few good laughs. The last part is optional but recommended. Our only requirements: We keep an open mind and everyone gets a voice. 

We identify the real problems – aka discovery

We’ll talk about your goals and what you think is stopping you from reaching them. You might be right—you might not be. We’ll look at data, talk to some people, and dig until we get to the root of what’s holding your brand back.

We get to know your target audience(s) better

Whether you want to improve staff morale or raise more dollars, we’re going to look at things from your audience’s perspective. How can we better serve them?


We review your brand foundation and personality

Are your core values, personality, identity and messaging still in line with who you want to be and who you want to serve?


We find opportunities and re-establish positioning

We’ll see where your competitors are missing the mark and figure out where we can parachute in and save the day. Let’s change the status quo for the better.


We create a roadmap for your brand refresh

Use this as a foundation to target the areas of your brand you want to improve and grow. This is meant to be a targeted approach – no need to reinvent the wheel if we don’t have to!


Let’s Grow

Brand audit engagements start at $5000. Is that more than you can invest right now? Ask us about our consulting packages.