Let’s Break Down Walls and Think BIG

Certified Coach for the LGBTQ+ Community & Allies

MacLaine DeFelice spent years trying to be what he thought others wanted him to be. As a closeted, skinny gay boy growing up in the South, he played the crazy extremes, throwing himself out there and retreating when he felt judged. After years of working at high-end salons, he discovered his purpose–building strong relationships with clients and helping them feel more confident. His journey to becoming a coach and living life on his own terms is inspiring. 


  • As a new business owner, MacLaine needed to discover his ideal clients and how to best position himself
  • Developing a visual identity and voice that would reflect his bold, sensitive spirit and resonate with his dream clients
  • Create videos and content to share his story and educate others on how to live with more confidence
  • Build a website that better reflected his brand and spoke directly to his audience
  • Increase revenue and grow MacLaine Life Coaching into a team of coaches serving marginalized populations


We worked with MacLaine Life Coaching on a strategy to identify their purpose. Why did coaching call to them? Where do they want their business to go? Who was MLC for and who were they not for? We helped them hone in on their target audience, creative members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies who are perfectionists and people pleasers. Through research, we developed in-depth audience personas to better understand what the daily lives of potential clients look like and their internal struggles. We used our findings to develop a visual identity and messaging that would speak directly to the ideal clients for MacLaine Life Coaching.

Tara’s dedication, expertise, creative insight, and ability to explain the process and next steps are outstanding. I also appreciate her adaptability to learning styles. I highly recommend Tara Kelly, Director of Storytelling & Strategy, and Tansy Aster Creative.
MacLaine DeFelice

Certified Life Coach, MacLaine Life Coaching

Identity & Messaging

We developed a logo, identity system, style guide, tone of voice, and messaging for MacLaine Life Coaching. We also worked with MacLaine on creative direction for photography and videos. 

MacLaine Logo in Office


Manrope (heading)

Manrope Regular (subheading)

Noto Sans Regular (body)

MacLaine Life Coaching branding elements

Website Development & Social Media

MacLaine Life Coaching Instagram Grid
Website example in laptop
Maclaine Life Coaching website on mobile
Website example in laptop

Video Production & Marketing