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Smarter Markets Podcast

Smarter Markets by Abaxx brings together high profile leaders, such as Ruby Zefo, Chief Privacy Officer at Uber, Daniel Yergin, Pulizer Prize Winning Author of The Prize, and Charlie McGarraugh, Chief Strategy Officer for, to explore topics like energy transition, digital privacy, and climate change. Abaxx is a tech start-up developing technical infrastructure and applications for the ESG economy. 


Abaxx/Smarter Markets originally hired us to handle their podcast engineering, editing, and mastering. However, their podcast, while popular, needed more direction and consistency. Each new season felt unrelated to the last, and this seemed to be impacting listener engagement.


We worked with the Smarter Markets team on strategy, a visual rebrand, and creating more engaging creative assets, including video promotions. In collaboration with the executive producer, we helped them develop a more cohesive and polished identity, with an air of mystery, aiming to build brand awareness and be more appealing to their target audience. Our audio engineer helped them improve the quality of their podcast recordings, resulting in a more polished, consistent sound. We also produced original music for their brand and social media assets. 



Stats as of February 2022. 

Total Downloads


Listener Growth

Identity & Video

We updated Smarter Market’s visual identity to resonate more with their target audiences. We also produced animated video ads and original music. 

Tansy Aster has been great to work with on our podcast.  The audio quality of the podcast, audiograms and other creative content has been high quality and consistent with our brand and messaging.  Their experience and insights have proven to be invaluable as we continue to grow and market our show.  Tansy Aster has been a great asset to the team and we appreciate their ability to always provide excellent service even on such incredibly short notice.

Derin T

Producer, Smarter Markets/Abaxx

Podcast Engineering & Production

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