Podcast Production Services

As storytellers, we understand a podcast needs polished audio and engaging content.  You’ll need to have a strategy to get your show out there and find your audience. We aren’t just another editing service. We’re a one stop shop for your all your podcast production needs.

What Best Describes You? 

Podcasting has seen an incredible boom.  It’s getting more difficult to stand out with nearly a million podcasts out there.  A successful podcast needs more than a great idea. It needs to sound good and appeal to your audience.  Tansy Aster Creative can help create and set up your podcast, edit and clean up the sound, or provide insight into how it can be made more engaging.  As a content creation company, we can help with everything–developing your brand, website building, social media, and digital strategy.


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I 'm looking for pre-production help, such as launch services, equipment and setup

Let’s Start

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I'm looking for post production help, such as editing, show notes and transcription

Let’s Edit

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I'm looking for help improving my podcast or making it more engaging

Let’s Strategize

Jesse has made my podcasting life immensely better. As a newbie, I needed a lot of help figuring out what equipment I needed, which recording platform would best suit my needs, how to record properly, and so much more. He has guided me every step of the way and helped me feel more confident in what I am doing.

I outsource all of the audio mixing for my interviews to him because he tackles every issue with ease (and there have been quite a few in dealing with remote recording, guests without the right equipment, background noise, etc.).

Aardvark Girl

Host, Business for Self-Employed Creatives

Before and After Showcase

In this example, we removed filler and repeated words, and shortened gaps between words to tighten up the content.  We trimmed 25 seconds from this clip while maintaining a natural feel.

Check out more before and after examples here

Pre Production Services

There is a lot that happens before you press record

You have an idea for a show and don’t know how to get started.  Or maybe you’ve emerged from the research rabbit hole more confused than when you started.  There are so many choices and everyone seems to have a different opinion.  It can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help you wherever you need it.  

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Podcast Launch

Do you have an idea for a podcast? We can help guide you through the process from choosing a host and equipment selection and setup to cover art and publishing your first episode .

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Equipment Selection, Setup and Use

Equipment selection can be overwhelming if you don’t have pro audio experience.  Which microphone should I choose? Can’t I just use the mic/earbuds that came with my phone?  We can help you select the equipment, set it up and use it to make quality recordings.

Tic-tac-toe strategy

Planning and Strategizing

Do you know what guests your audience would relate to?  Do you map out each episode to ensure you stay on point and the content is engaging?  Reach out if you don’t have a plan or would like help improving it.


Whether you want a complete launch package, or help with specific elements, we’ve got you covered.  Below are our most popular packages.  Contact us for a custom quote if you don’t see what you need.

The Podcast Launch Package



This is a great package if you’re on a budget.  We will:

  • Set up RSS and help you select a host
  • Create cover art
  • Advise on branding and strategy
  • Compose unique intro song
  • Help determine the best equipment for you and your podcast
  • Walk you through how to set up and use the equipment (via video chat)
  • Produce up to a 5 minute intro/trailor episode
  • Produce, edit and publish your first episode
  • Provide you with a transcript

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Podcast Post Production

We get it. Post production is time consuming, and you’d rather focus on doing your next show.

The work doesn’t get easier once you stop recording.  It’s time to edit your episode, clean up the audio, and create promotional materials to drive people to your website. Every podcast can benefit from editing. We can help you out with that, including reducing background noise and breaths and removing long pauses, filler words and vocal ticks.  Need some assets produced from your episode?  We can provide transcripts, SEO optimized show notes, and audiograms.  With over 15 years of experience in audio engineering and video production and content creation, we can save you time so you can focus on the fun part – getting on with your next show.

Audio and Video Editing

Editing is an integral part of a professional sounding podcast.  It can be as simple as balancing the levels and mastering or it can be more in-depth, such as removal of umms, extended silences and reducing breaths. Creative and professional video edits can take your podcast up a few notches and help you stand out. 

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Podcast Assets

Podcast assets, like show notes, transcripts and audiograms can improve your SEO (search engine optimization). We can create marketing materials out of the content you’ve already created, and help drive more potential listeners to your podcast. 


We can help with all of your post production needs.  Below are our most popular packages.  Contact us if you’re looking for something else.

Mixing & Mastering


Discounted monthly packages available

We will:

  • Sync the tracks
  • Compress and adjust the volume of each individual track
  • Mix in your intro and outro music
More Details
  • Compress each track to level out the peaks
  • Make up to 3 client specified edits
  • Master the episode up to standard loudness levels

This package is ideal for those on tight budgets or those who do the editing themselves, but want a professional to mix and master the episode.



Discounted monthly packages available

Everything from Mixing & Mastering, plus:

  • Removal of umms, uhhs, restarts stutters and conversational gaps
  • Clean up your audio to remove background and room noise
More Details
  • Perform all client specified edits
  • Upload your episodes to your host after approval

This is our most popular editing package.  It’s ideal for podcasters who want a clean, polished episode.




Per Episode

Discounted monthly packages available

Everything from Essential, plus:

  • Human corrected transcript of your episode
  • Create up to 2 audigrams for your social media marketing
More Details

This package is for the podcaster who wants to have the show notes, transcription and audiograms produced for them.

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Podcast Audits, Coaching and Consulting

Sometimes you just need an unbiased opinion

Audits can show you what is and isn’t working with your podcast and marketing strategy.  Do you need some guidance or advice on something specific?  We offer coaching and consultation services.  Please fill out our Podcast Questionnaire below and we’ll be in touch.