Case Study for Solopreneur

Developed visual brand and website, assisted with content strategy, and edited podcasts for a business coach


Aardvark Girl helps creatives manage their businesses and find the fun in self-employment. 


  • As a growing business, Aardvark Girl was growing out of her old site and needed a more scalable website with a focus on UX
  • A solid brand with a logo needed to be created to establish her business 
  • Content strategy assistance and direction was needed to make her website copy as relatable to her audience as possible  


  • Moved the site over to the WordPress platform, which will allow for more customization. The site is designed to be scalable as she adds on services and courses.
  • Redesigned the site to better serve her audience and give her a brand a more professional and polished look
  • Developed a brand and identity that reflected her style and personality – quirky, professional, and personable.
  • Edited her website copy for SEO purposes and to strengthen her already fantastic and informative voice 


Coming soon! 

Visual Branding

Developed a color scheme, logo, and typography to match Aardvark Girl’s professional but quirky personality. As a coach and production manager, she is creative (thinks out of the box) and personable, but she’s also a master at running a business – logical, organized, and detail-orientated. 


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Web Development & UX Strategy

Services included website development, content strategy, brand development, and UX strategy.

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