The Production Manager You Wish You Had

They told her it couldn’t be done. She didn’t listen.

A Resourceful Womanpreneur’s Story

Aardvark Girl, aka Chaos Tamer, spent almost 20 years running production houses and getting C-level executives and creatives on the same page. It was frenetic and fantastic until the day she decided to stop coming to work. It was all very Office Space like.

Since launching her own business, she has worked on TV shows like Intervention, presidential debates, and even a U2 documentary where, against all odds, she obtained music rights nobody thought she’d get. She also coaches creative entrepreneurs, helping them manage and scale their businesses from bookkeeping to time management. Aardvark Girl is a true disrupter who embraces change and supports creatives where they need it most. We were thrilled to work with her on inventing her brand.


  • As a growing business, Aardvark Girl was growing out of her old site and needed a more scalable website with a focus on UX
  • She needed to position her brand to attract her target audience – two distinct groups, TV production management and self-employed creatives. 
  • Content strategy assistance and direction was needed to make her website copy as relatable to her audience as possible


  • Moved the site over to the WordPress platform, which will allow for more customization. The site is designed to be scalable as she adds on services and courses.
  • Redesigned the site to better serve her audience and give her a brand a more professional and polished look
  • Developed a brand and identity that reflected her style and personality – quirky, professional, and personable.
  • Edited her website copy for SEO purposes and to strengthen her already fantastic and informative voice 
Aardvark Girl Brand Desktop Scene

Visual Branding

Developed a color scheme, logo, and typography to match Aardvark Girl’s professional but quirky personality. As a coach and production manager, she is creative (thinks out of the box) and personable, but she’s also a master at running a business – logical, organized, and detail-orientated. 


Muli Bold (heading)

Muli (body)

Web Development & UX Strategy

Services included website development, content strategy, brand development, and UX strategy.

Computer showing website example