Case Study for Large Nonprofit

Led brand storytelling, digital content strategy, and website development and management for 3 nonprofits in Colorado that serve individuals with developmental disabilities and delays. 


Developmental Pathways is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and Community Centered Board that serves individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Their programs include Case Management, Early Intervention, and Community Outreach. Their mission is to partner with and support the neurodiverse community.


  • User experience and accessibility compliance on website needed improvement. It was difficult for the community to find needed information and educational materials. The website also didn’t tell a compelling story or engage its audience.
  • The visual brand needed to better reflect their mission and vision.
  • They had not utilized video as a means of storytelling, and they have so many amazing stories to share.
  • They needed guidance on digital strategy and analytics to better understand how their audience was engaging with their site and social media pages
  • They lacked staff resources and time for a comprehensive social media strategy and content creation, which meant engagement from the community was low and page “likes” were stagnant.


  • Audited all digital properties, including websites and social media pages, and compiled data from previous year. Gathered feedback from staff around FAQs they received and biggest needs in the community. 
  • Developed a comprehensive digital strategy, including quarterly marketing reports, and redesigned the website with a focus on user-centered design and improved accessibility. Site changes included tracking events (button clicks, video plays) and creating a filterable table for resources and educational materials. 
  • Developed and produced videos to share staff stories and the stories of families in the community. Built a video resource library on the website and YouTube. 
  • Developed a social media campaign, utilizing video content and compelling stories, to increase engagement and reach more members of the community
  • Developed a visual brand refresh and took new images to highlight the organization’s work and passion for their cause. 


Improved user experiences, better Google rankings (making DP easier to find), more accessible digital resources, and inspiring family stories lead to a better served community. Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families can more easily find the help and resources they need. 

Website bounce rates decreased to 31% (down from 50%) and site engagement increased by 28%. The Helpful Tools page (resources database) had an 1000+% increase in visitors. Videos had over 15,000 views, an increase of 1265%. These stats show the increases that happened with the above strategy (when compared to the previous year).


Increased Website Conversions


Increased Website Engagement


Increased Social Media Engagement


Increase in Audience

Visual Branding

Developed a visual brand refresh strategy for Developmental Pathways, one of Colorado’s largest nonprofits. The strategy aimed to better mirror the mission and personality of the organization and improve accessibility. The strategy included new color schemes, typography, imagery and a website redesign.


Rubik Bold (heading)

Rubik Regular (subheading)

Open Sans Regular (body)

Web Development & UX Strategy

Visit pages on DP’s website, including family stories, featuring inspiring videos, a filterable table for resources, and a Community Impact landing page. 

Family Stories page link
Website example in laptop
Tablet showing DP page

Video Production & Marketing 

Animated Educational Video (Nonprofit)

Provided creative direction, script, voiceover, and illustrated storyboard for English and Spanish versions of this educational video for Developmental Pathways, a large nonprofit in Colorado that serves individuals with developmental disabilities.

3 Adults in Our Neurodiverse Community

Edited these 3 inspiring stories together to show the diversity of our I/DD community and unite people around supporting neurodiversity. 

Inspiring Family Story

A family shares their experiences raising a son on the autism spectrum. Responsible for pre-production, filming, interviewing/direction, and post production.

What Is Early Intervention? (Nonprofit)

Responsible for filming, creative direction, script, voiceover talent sourcing, and illustrated storyboard for this informational video for a large nonprofit (English & Spanish). View Spanish version. 

Inspiring Staff Member Story (Spanish)

A staff member at Developmental Pathways shares what inspires her about her role working with families in the I/DD community. View English version. 

Company Culture Video

Provided pre-production, script, creative direction, post production/editing for NMSC, a nonprofit in Colorado. This video appealed to potential candidates and inspired them to work for the company.