Brand Expression

Bringing Your Story to Life

Turning your brand into an experience people can fall in love with

Brand expression is what your audience experiences and feels.

You know where you want to go. We’re here to listen and help you get there. If you have a solid strategy in place, we can help you launch your brand and share your story in an impactful way. We’re happy to do the heavy lifting of managing the brand launch process for you and continue to help you manage your brand going forward.

Recent Brand Launches

Our clients are rebels with causes who don’t settle for the status quo. They are resilient. Empathetic. Ambitious. They’re open to finding a better way, a different way, a way that unites and empowers us, and they have powerful stories to share. They aren’t looking for band-aids or prescribed solutions. They’re looking for brand and marketing solutions that hear them.

MacLaine Life Coaching brand

LGBTQIA Community Coach Breaks Down Walls

MacLaine DeFelice of MacLaine Life Coaching spent years trying to be what he thought others wanted him to be…until he started living life on his own terms. 

MacLaine Life Coaching brand

Drug Abuse Prevention for the Whole Community

A concerned mom wanted to help prevent drug abuse in her community. She now leads a nonprofit that has reached over 55,000 community members in cities across the country.

Aardvark Girl Brand Desktop Scene

Don't Tell This Womanpreneur 'It Can't Be Done'

Aardvark Girl, aka Chaos Tamer, spent almost 20 years running production houses and getting C-level executives and creatives on the same page. It was frenetic and fantastic until the day she decided to stop coming to work. It was all very Office Space like.

Our Brand Expression Offerings

Visual Identity System

We can help you develop the visual personality of your brand, from creating logo concepts to identifying the best color schemes + typography and creating a comprehensive brand guide for your team and vendors.

Messaging & Taglines

As award-winning storytellers, messaging is our jam. We’ll work directly with you on developing your tone of voice, value propositions, communications for specific target audiences (internal + external) and a comprehensive brand guide for your staff and vendors.



We’ve built websites for over 15 years, so we can guide you through the process of building a new website, conduct a website audit with recommendations, or even help you find a great website partner. We can work with you on a strategy and bring on web designers and developers we know and trust to take care of our clients.


Videos & Podcasts

What happens when a geeky video producer and geeky audio engineer get married? They help thought leaders share stories that matter through professional videos and podcasts. From impactful social media videos to white glove podcast production services and strategy – we’ve got you. Want to know more? Visit Tansy Aster Audio.


Social Media & Content Marketing

Our focus is on all things branding, but we partner with purpose-driven agencies who are rockstars at content marketing. When you’re ready, we’ll invite them to our team and work on a plan together.


It’s a good feeling see our organization in this new light. The way Tara was able to capture our mission was truly inspirational. We were very impressed with her professionalism, adaptability and expertise in taking our brand to this next level. We truly feel this is the right direction and Tara was the right fit for us. 

Liv B.

Board Member, CANDLE Inc

Let’s Strategize

Brand strategy engagements start at $5000. Is that more than you can invest right now? Ask us about our consulting packages.